Motorway Squares™ are great for building coverage. A cost effective 5 metre square panel offering head on impact and extended dwell time. The head on impact offered by the format also allows for the use of reflective material which allows for night time visibility.

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Our Clients

Over the years we’ve assisted many brands run campaigns on our truck rear format in the UK and across Europe. We ran the world’s biggest truck media campaign for Tom Tom on the format and we also conducted the UK’s most mobile truck media campaign for The Department For Transport. We have conducted several pieces of research to establish how the format delivers its reach and frequency. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

  • Renault
  • Shell
  • Tom Tom
  • Ford
  • Yes Insurance
  • Express Hotels
  • Mercedes Trucks
  • Santander
  • Mercedes Vans
  • The RAC
  • The Department For Transport


  • The modular nature of the structure ensures the build can be completed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively
  • Installation can be performed by a small team of people
  • The modules can be easily transported on regular HGV vehicles with no need for Wide Load status
  • The modules can be easily transported internationally
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