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From its pioneering position over the last 19 years In Your Space has become the leading truck advertising specialist. Our campaigns have been seen in 13 European countries, the USA and Australia. Our work has driven over 400 million miles. Our cutting edge production techniques combined with the pick of the best fleets mean that we’ve consistently been delivering for the world’s biggest brands since 1999. Whether it’s a multi-market campaign or a cheeky PR stunt, we can help.

Our Clientele


Case Studies

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains’ campaign targeted key geographical regions in London, West Coast and Scotland.

Paddy Power

Our hilarious PR stunt for Paddy Power generated thousands of ‘likes’, ‘shares’, column inches online and in print media.

Shell Fuel Save

The Fuel Save campaign was seen across Britain over a 12 week period.

Shark Watch Research

Shark Watch was introduced into the UK’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads as a research campaign with the purpose of creating awareness of the imaginary ‘brand’.


Smirnoff make an impact during the Pride season with their full wrap

Tom Tom

In Your Space’s pan-European campaign travelled over 22 million miles over a three month period.

“Given the sheer volume of traffic carried by motorways, including In Your Space truck media within our media mix was instrumental in our push to promote rail travel as superior to other modes of transport. The team and I were also very impressed with the quality of In Your Space’s format when the articulated lorries turned up for the campaign launch.”  

Danny Gonzalez, Virgin Trains

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