We are honoured to have assisted the cheeky chaps at Paddy Power to create mischief across the UK over the last few years. Some of the campaigns have been a bit borderline but the one thing that all have in common is a huge amount of coverage online and in print.

You're Getting Sack In The Morning

When the Paddy Power got in touch asking us if we could help them cause some trouble in the run-up to the general election we were happy to accept the challenge.

Our fully wrapped truck emblazoned with the popular “You’re Getting Sacked In The Morning” slogan was photographed in Westminster Bridge and in front of the Houses Of Parliament.

Needless to say, MPs were indeed out of a job and Paddy Power were the lucky recipients of hundreds of thousands of likes, tweets, shares and created a huge online footprint to boot.

Chat Sh!t. Get Banged

When the draw for the Euros was made and it was announced England’s first game was against Russia the In Your Space PR team were nervous. Rightly so. We printed their Chat Sh!t, Get Banged truck and parked it outside the Russian Embassy on the morning of the game. The campaign was hugely popular, more than the 1-1 draw a few hours later.