Automotive roadshows are a simple way to ensure beautiful cars are seen by the people that need to see them at their convenience. Our team of experts can help brands execute a roadshow to ensure that a new vehicle is showcased in the right location to a well-understood target market. Whether that’s a summer tour around prestigious holiday resorts or a winter roadshow around wealthy financial districts, we help brands engage and charm audiences beyond the showroom.

Elite Roadshows

Some vehicles just deserve to be shown to the people. An example of this is the Aston Martin DB10. We were lucky enough to be asked to take Bond’s vehicle on a European roadshow to mark the launch of Spectre.

Why Roadshow?

Automotive roadshows provide a fresh way of discovering new vehicles. Car buyers are visiting showrooms less often than they did so take the vehicle to a location that suits them is a sensible proactive approach to marketing. We specialise in finding just the right locations that perfectly suit the requirements of our clients. The McLaren 570GT toured with us for 3 weeks and visited the holiday resorts of the rich and famous where potential McLaren clients could be found in abundance.


One of the roadshows that received a huge amount of attention was our roadshow of the beautiful Ford GT. Audiences were left stunned by this most beautiful supercar.

Managing The Logistics

From researching regional HGV driving restrictions to booking ferries and hotels, our logistics team, headed by former RAF logistician, Ewan Smith, can take care of your roadshow requirements.