In a world where the real is merging with the virtual some clients are focusing on the hypothetical three-dimensional visual world through virtual and augmented reality to capture their client’s attention. The technology allows brands to take consumers on a magical journey.

Not all campaigns have access to, or require access to, the physical vehicle. A Virtual Experience Tour is a multi-sensory immersive experience that can simultaneously transfix whilst also educating consumers in any location without incurring the costs and logistical headaches of having the car on site. Virtual Tours are ideal for brands launching cars that are still in development that are looking at educating and also securing pre-launch test drives and deposits. Virtual Reality will also allow your customers to tailor make the car to their specification at the touch of a button.

The World Is Changing. Are you?

The path to purchase for car buyers has evolved quickly in the last decade, with digital touchpoints challenging the role of the traditional dealership showrooms as the biggest influence on a customer’s car buying decision.

Today’s ‘millennials’ have a very different set of needs to their more affluent parents. In a world of hyper-connectivity car brands need to demonstrate they have moved with the times and are moving with the next generation of customers.

Our Virtual Reality showcases allow brands to present themselves in a way that appeals to this younger generation of consumer. Our VR showcases are mobile technology showrooms that allow customers to configure their vehicle, drive it through a virtual landscape, view it from 360 different angles and learn about its environmental credentials as well as its connectivity features. Consumers can now bespoke their vehicles at the touch of a button. We can also incorporate cost of ownership pods to help explain the different ownership models that are on offer.

In fast-paced and every changing world brands must carefully define and target the key moments of interaction with new, younger audiences, responding to the ways younger people live, what they value and how they spend their money. We believe our interactive platforms are perfectly aligned with engaging with younger audiences that are looking for a different route to market than their parents.

Our Capabilities

Working with some of the world’s leading technology companies has given us a good understanding of the changing nature of the automotive industry and the role technology will play within it in the future. We view AR & VR as the key influencers of the future in the sales process and that is precisely why we are designing and building showcases that incorporate these new and exciting technologies.

Custom Built Automotive Technology Centers

We work with clients to design and build their own AR and VR experience spaces. We can create spaces that logically guide a consumer through the virtual sales process using a variety of different three dimensional technologies, thereby creating a truly memorable experience which leaves your customers blown away and enthused by a brand which understands their needs and engages all their senses in the sales process.