“We want a gateway, an impression of the brand and an invitation to have a test drive at the convenience of their home. We want to create this environment where it’s not the old school: You come in the door and get attacked by five people.”

— John Desmond, Hendrick Automotive Group

VIP Services

For companies that appreciate that their clients’ time comes at a premium, we can help deliver a Test Drive From Home service to bring total convenience to the test drive experience. Rather than expecting VIP customers to come to the showroom why not show them that you appreciate their time is a valuable and irreplaceable commodity by offering them a truly bespoke service? This way you will also ensure that your customer feels truly special increasing the chances of an enduring and ongoing relationship.

How It Works

We work with our clients to help create vehicles which will help them conduct a successful test driver. Vehicles can be equipped to carry two vehicles which allows clients to get behind the wheel of different models / marques. Our Test Drive From Home vehicles are available for purchase or long-term lease.