Nissan Navara

Our truck media campaign booked by MGOMG and outdoor specialist Posterscope featured on 70 fully wrapped HD trucks that travelled the length and breadth of the UK. The fully-tracked fleet of vehicles targeted motorists using striking images of the new vehicle and featured different straplines including “It’s Rude To Stare”. Over the course of the 12 week campaign Nissan fleet travelled in excess of 2.1 million miles.

Nissan NV400 Truck Wraps

We were delighted to help launch the new Nissan van, the NV400. Targeting the growing commercial vehicle sector, the campaign featured on our fleet of vehicles operating from 5 depots across the country. The campaign was booked through MGOMD and Posterscope.

Nissan QashQai

Nissan approached In Your Space to help with their pre-launch activity for the QashQai. The activity which featured PR stunts and a 20 vehicle teaser campaign featuring ‘gamified’ versions of the new vehicle was used in advance of the main QashQai launch.

Pros and Cons


Can truly reflect a traditional dealership aesthetically

Mobile and easily transportable

Quick set-up


Room for only one car

A Showcase on Wheels

A showcase on wheels has a lot of benefits. In addition to being able to transport the vehicle on display the other primary benefits are speed and mobility. The structure can be quickly set up and is ready to go. It is not labour intensive which keeps the costs of assembly low. The key considerations when designing a showcase on wheels are; what is the maximum weight that can be carried by the structure? Most smaller structures that are pulled with 4×4 vehicles have a maximum towing weight of 3.5 tonnes (including the car inside).

Pros and Cons

Quick to assemble and easy to install in any location

Potential space limitation for only one vehicle

A Container Showcase

These structures are at the cutting edge for corporate hospitality. They give you the invaluable opportunity to truly engage with your VIP customers, giving them a VIP experience to remember. Modern engineering allows multiple containers to be positioned together to create a super-structure. The containers are transported on flatbed trucks and with the use of a forklift or crane, the containers are removed from the truck and positioned on the floor like giant pieces of Lego. As the structure is on the floor there is less of an access issue into the showcase. That said, the set-up time of a showcase that is transported on flatbed trucks is far greater than a solution that remains on the chassis of the vehicle.

Pros and Cons

Can create a great space

Containers can be stacked to create multi-storey structures

Containers can be forklifted in to position and fitted together like giant blocks of Lego

Expandable sides and raising roofs can dramatically increase the internal space of a pop up showcase


Slow to set up and requires a forklift / crane on site

Whatever your requirements for a mobile structure we would be happy to assist in creating something that suits your needs.