Pretty Little Thing launched their nationwide truck advertising campaign operating on 100 trucks across the country. The trucks will travel over 1.2 million miles per month and will be building the brand up and down the country.

The Brief

The brief was to launch take the Pretty Little Thing brand to the major road network across the country and create the impression of ubiquity of the PLT brand.

Our Solution: The Fleet

We work with the UK’s most prestigious fleets that help deliver the best quality product to our client. Our premium materials coupled with the premium fleet will ensure the Pretty Little Thing brand is always seen in the best possible light across the country.

The Feedback

Within a few hours of hitting the road the reaction to the campaign was unimaginable. The bright creative captured the hearts of the public and caused a frenzy on social media.


“Our daughter loves the taxis. She is going to lose her mind seeing a lorry with the pattern. Keep inspiring.”


“Killing the PLT branding. Keep up the good work!”

The Results

We’re not sure yet but we reckon Pretty Little Thing will be tickled pink!