Paddy Power Chat Sh!t Truck Taunts Russians Ahead of Euro 2016

By 10th June 2016Uncategorised


Paddy Power were up to their usual mischief this morning on the eve of England’s opening match against Russia in the 2016 Euros
In Your Space was again asked to help the Irish Bookmaker with their latest stunt. The truck emblazoned with Jamie Vardy’s infamous “Chat sh!t get banged” line using the Russian alphabet was spotted taunting the Russian’s outside their embassy in London this morning.
Within a few minutes of appearing on the Paddy Power Facebook page and Twitter feed the stunt was causing lots of engagement. In the first hour on their Facebook page the stunt had been liked over 6,000 times and was retweeted every three seconds for the first hour.
Jonathan Bramley, Managing Director of truck media specialists In Your Space commented; “we are always happy to help Paddy Power with their PR initiatives. Whilst they are always on the edge, they always deliver engagement and that’s the point”.
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