Green Flag Launches Truck Advertising Campaign

By 3rd March 2016Uncategorised
Over the next couple of weeks you will start to see a lot of brightly coloured trucks on high streets, A roads and motorways. The unique designs feature broken down Moon buggies, Monster trucks and rockets and are part of Green Flag’s new “No matter what” advertising campaign created by CHI.
The messages are being carried across the country on 100 vehicles and are part of a 9 month campaign that will travel in excess of 7 million miles during this period. The vehicles will be seen on every major high street in the UK as the vehicles are making their daily deliveries to retail outlets across the country. The vehicles serve numerous retails outlets including every Pret, Burger King, KFC, Strada, Ask and Moto service stations with 4,000 locations served every day. Click here to see the campaign’s visibility.
Jonathan Bramley, Managing Director of truck media specialists In Your Space commented; “we are delighted to be working with Green Flag to deliver this tremendous campaign. The visibility will be enormous as the vehicles make their deliveries across the country. It is really is a great way for Green Flag to spread their “No matter what” message to customers and in such a cost effective manner.”
Car insurance and breakdown recovery services have a continuous demand pattern which is ideally met by continuous advertising throughout the year. Whilst this is often too expensive to pursue using traditional media channels, the packages negotiated by ‘In Your Space’ with fleet operators allows brands such as Green Flag to meet continuous customer demand with prolonged brand exposure on the UK’s busiest roads.
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